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Tom "Ice Cream Ninja"

To increase his fitness level for football season, Tom started riding for Dickie Dee in Oshawa. He spent six summers as his own boss, running his own small business. For most of those years he was among the best in the country. That’s where “Ice Cream Ninja” comes from, it was a playful nickname given him by his fellow riders as he “slayed” the competition.

Tom ended up graduating with an HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at UWO. He went on to work in Supply Chain Management and Program Management at a major Canadian tech company for 17 years.

The bureaucracy was getting to be too much right around the time that Joe pitched him his Hollywood Cone concept. He immediately saw the incredible potential and decided to leave his suit and tie behind and became Joe’s partner; so began his triumphant return to the ice cream business!

Joe "Ice Cream Aficionado"

As a young teen Joe wanted to find a job where he could get a tan, get some exercise, make money, but most importantly to meet girls; so he rode a bike for Dickie Dee! Joe quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top riders in the country, and eventually took over the business. Ice cream took Joe to the University of Guelph and shortly thereafter, he co-founded Twirlees. Joe stepped away from Twirlees in 2013 to create Hollywood Cone, which is a merger of three of Joe’s favourite things; Ice Cream, Movies, and…um...make that two things. He couldn’t find a way to make beer fit into his vision for Hollywood Cone!

From the very beginning, Joe’s intent with Hollywood Cone was to create a brand and product everyone would love, NEVER sacrifice quality for margins, create an original spin on the ice cream cone and shake, produce the best darn product out there and serve it up at a reasonable price.

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